Frédéric Lemoine                                                                                                                                                 


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Frédéric Lemoine is born in 1963 at Boulogne Billancourt, France.

Qualified of Art School of Paris with congratulations of the Jury

 Live and work in Paris,France.



Every Frédéric LEMOINE's picture is a meeting; a meeting enters the wax painting  and the real material (zinc, slate, wood...); a meeting enters the natural world (vegetable and animal) suggested by a whole symbolism, our culture and its questioning (mythological...). It is especially the meeting of the senses, where the glance and the touch meet themselves in the same emotion

ARTIST PAINTER - plastics technician - my work is for the border of the painting and the sculpture. For my compositions, built as a big puzzle, I associate since a dozen years wood, iron, lead, zinc, slate to an original technique of wax painting. Nature lover, my compositions consist of suggested symbolic forms, animal and vegetable silhouettes to interpret legends as that of the goddess of the earth Cybèle and invent adventures some Paris - Atlantic Ocean.. Some of my pictures sculptures are made to be got, caressed , treated (manipulated). They reconcile, through histories where the eye and the heart enjoy themselves, the pleasure of the glance and the touch.